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Fascinating Soviet maps


Hugh Westacott:
Here is a fascination and alarming article about the scope of maps made by the soviet Union


captain paranoia:
I've heard references to Russian digital mapping as a source of 'free' maps. I guess this Cold War mapping must be the source.

Lost Soul:
Thanks Hugh,

What beautiful maps.  To support the comments about civilian maps being un representative.  I have a tourist map of Moscow from the early 80.  In some places very inaccurate indeed.  So it made using it difficult.  One of the most bizarre things about it was the square that hosted the Lubyanka, the KGB HQ and prison.  Said place is on the north side of the square.  The east, south and west side mapping was accurate.  But the North totally different, buildings side streets, road junctions etc were missing.  The map was nothing like the urban landscape.

Have heard similar tales of official visiting scientific expeditions being totally confused as to position etc due to suspected deliberately inaccurate local mapping.


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