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Hugh Westacott:
I'm glad to know that your faith in maps has been restored, W W!

However, it should not be blind faith. A map can only be accurate at the time of the survey (which can be found on the map key). As time passes, roads are re-aligned, new buildings are erected, farmers grub hedges etc so there are occasions when a map no longer reflects the existing landscape accurately.

Some years ago I got into a hopeless mess trying to follow a route on the map. I came to a railway line, which, according to the map, the path ran parallel to. But no other feature seemed to match. Whilst I was trying to solve the puzzle, a Eurostar train flashed past and light dawned. The map I was using was based on a survey made before the new line to the Channel Tunnel had been built. I had not walked far enough to reach the railway line shown on the map.

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Lost Soul:
Hi Which Way,

Welcome to a very friendly and useful forum.  Its been a bit slow of late, but still very useful non the less.

Picking up on Hugh's comments of changed landscape vs survey dates.  Have been caught out on more than one occasion by the disappearance of many acres of forest (harvested) and on the other hand by (young) forests appearing out of no where.  Well they had been planted since the map was last surveyed.

Lost Soul   

which way:
Tha you for the welcome Lost soul.
Yes, I think we all agree that you must always be aware of possible changes to the countryside, either by man or natural..
If we all stick to the general rules of micro navigation we should always have a good idea where we are anyway. We should check when the map was made/updated etc....
But, my original point was that the map makers could help us along the way by keeping some of the old symbols in place,  like chimney stacks to help save confusion.
Ma y thanks W W


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