Trail Magazine Review - Jan 2013
Swiftly establishing itself on release as the bible for navigators both modern and traditional.“ 

…a textbook for SAR navigation training.

This is an excellent reference manual for all navigators, both amateur and professional, and I recommend it highly.

What makes this book different from other navigational resources is the professional background of the author.

Trail Magazine Review - Nov 2011
Will give you the practical skills to get yourself out of any kind of navigational trouble.“ 


“If every mountain enthusiast bought and used this book, mountain rescue teams would have a lot less work to do!”

Adventure Travel - Jan 2012
This book defines the word ‘comprehensive’ – it’s got everything you could think of to do with navigation, lot’s of stuff you’d never think of, and more!

“This comprehensive and richly illustrated guide has everything you could ever wish to know about navigation.”

The Ultimate Navigation Manual is Team MibSAR’s new, comprehensive, field manual for all things land navigation.

The Field

This book covers every type of navigation. It’s an essential for anyone who spends time in the countryside.

  The Countrymans Weekly
Written in a accessible and modular format to cover navigation from basic principles to advanced GPS technology.

Lyle Brotherton’s navigation manual strikes a great balance between accessibilityand authoritive information.

Camping Magazine
Packed with expert advice and guidance.

Designed to allow even absolute beginners to find their way anywhere in the world, it develops a unique confidence in navagtion.

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Praktische navigatietips van Schotse navigatie-expert Lyle Brotherton.

Zo kom je altijd weer thuis.

Columbus Magazine, Holland & Belgium Sept 2012 issue.

Hiking Site NL review.

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