Free Downloads & Tools to Buy


Here you can view and download the free PDF files referred to in the Ultimate Navigation Manual.


You can also visit where you can purchase:


  • Low cost navigation tools Lyle has invented. Fabricated in tough plastic in a handy credit card size, they are made to make your navigation easier and safer. Products include the Grid Reference Tool, Pacing & Timing Card, Slope Angle Tool and Visual Distance Chart.
  • Navigation gear discovered on Lyle’s travels around the globe, that have proved to be invaluable, such as the military specification paracord, to secure your essential equipment.

All of these products have been extensively tested by Lyle and fellow mountain rescue team member Scott Amos. These are the tools they use everyday.


Aircraft Flights Paths


Tide Timetables

Dave (Heavy) Whalley


The Mountain Bothies Association is a terrific charity which maintains about 100 shelters in some of the remoter parts of the UK that are free for everyone to use.

Snowsled develops and manufactures equipment for polar travellers and explorers, plus the Emergency Services, such as the brilliant lightweight compass holder that allows you to travel and navigate without the need to constantly take it out of a pocket, as detailed on Page 193 in The Ultimate Navigation Manual.


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