Advanced Satnav (GPS/GNSS) & Digital Mapping (GIS)

Stage I (3 hours)

Understanding GNSS and its importance in Mountain Rescue

Presentation to the entire team, with a large Q&A section


Advising the team’s Steering Group on System Selection and Management

Core competencies and skill sets required for Project Manager

Overview of latest handheld Satnav units plus ancillary equipment

Types of Search Management software available and compatibility with handheld satnav units


Stage 2 (2 separate days)


Level I Basic Satnav Training (1 day)

Training of key team members, who in turn cascade training within the team, in core satnav operational procedures

Level II Advanced Satnav Training (1 day)

The use of satnav in evidence collection at potential scenes of crime

Creating accurate waypoints, using proximity alarms and measures to counter jamming and spoofing


Stage 3 (1 day)

Working with Team Search Managers/Project Manager

Creating & building a dynamic Territory Operational Map

Incident Management – data collection, synthesis and analysis

Post-mission analysis and incident log

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