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Received an email from Harry Cockburn, an old friend who I have not seen for years, saying that he had read a great review of my new book in ‘The Field Magazine’ and this has made me smile for lots of reasons.


Firstly, great to hear from Harry, now living in France, conducting WWI battlefield tours.


Secondly, because my late Father really enjoyed shooting, in fact this, and whiskey, were his favourite pastimes.


It all started just after WWII. He had stayed on in Germany with the British Army for the reparation. The first winter he and Ronald, another officer, (my Father had the field rank of Captain which after the war, a commission he kept) had had to travel to Munich on some business or other. Like the rest of Germany, the city was in disarray with little to do at the weekends, so he and Ronald decided to go wild boar shooting in the forests.


Day one they traipsed through the forests lifting only rabbits and a couple of foxes, having never been hunting before I am pretty sure they had absolutely no idea what to do and the next day confirmed this.


They decided to stalk forming a two man line upwind thru a section of the forest, one of them following the edge of the forest both to navigate and catch any ‘escaping’ game. Sure enough they disturbed some large game that exited via the edge of the woods and Ronald, at some distance, took down what he decided was a wild boar. When the pair reached their quarry they found a very dead domestic pig! It transpired that the local villagers let their livestock forage in this forest.


I never found out what happened to the dead pig but I do know that depending upon which one of them told the story, the one who shot the pig changed.

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