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Just before Christmas I received the great news from Harper Collins that the book is selling so well that they need to reprint further copies. I have taken this opportunity to correct the various spelling mistakes and factual errors that readers have highlighted to me over the three months since launch.


A BIG thank you to everyone who has helped me in this quest.


Two people in particular have been immensely helpful and I would like to publically thank them:


Michelle Brophy – Chair, Midshires Search & Rescue Organisation and Secretary of ALSAR, who has an eye for detail that Leonardo da Vinci would have been envious of! Her enthusiasm all things SAR and her willingness to share her knowledge is simply wonderful. I first met her back in July last year at the ALSAR National Conference, which she helped to organise, and has been instrumental in introducing best practice into Lowland Search.


Hugh Westacott – Director of guided walks & walking tours, author & journalist. Both his historical knowledge of Ordnance Survey and his contemporary understanding of modern cartography is truly outstanding. An active and keen navigator in terrains not normally associated with navigational difficulty yet surprisingly challenging, the lowlands and as keen to learn new techniques as he was ‘just a few’ years ago! Thank you Hugh.


Whilst the vast majority of amendments are spellings there are some important revisions relating to Ordnance Survey mapping regions and contour intervals, I have also corrected the maths in calculating distance using binoculars, using the known width of an object, and rewritten the technique Running Bearings: I will publish these corrections for existing readers in the Reviews, Suggestions & Advice section on this websites Forum.

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  1. Wilhelm Grass says:

    You may not remember, I was present at the excellent presentation you gave to the Bohag 10 Rescue Team two years ago. I ordered the copy of your book through Amazon and I am looking forward to the German version so we can buy it for our team members, it is an excellent book. Wilhelm

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