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My publisher, Harper Collins, and the wonderful Marjorie Calder of The Big Partnership, keep telling me that I need to Blog more, join Facebook and start Tweeting and…

However, social media simply just does not grab me. The few friends that I have I either email, telephone or meet and I have always had the conviction that anyone who contacts me about navigation receives a personal reply.


At the same time I am keen to share my knowledge freely with others and see an immense value in the Forum on this site.


So this is my last blog and if anyone wants to contact me direct I will personally get back to them.

4 Responses to Free fall back to Earth

  1. david field says:

    Hi lyle .
    I have been watching your you tube films and I find them very helpful .I have been hillwalking for about 30 years and am always keen to keep my hand in with navigation .I have owned a etrex gps for about 10 years but like you said in one of your films most people use it for position finding ie grid reference . Well thats me . After watching some of your instructional films I have begun to get more out of it . One thing I cant seem to do is the trackback . I find this feature so useful but i cant seem to get that right . Is there a sequence to follow or is it possible that the first etrex gps systems did not have this feature .Any advice you could give me would be gratefully received . Thank you for the you tube films they are excellent and i will be ordering my copy of your book this week . Thank you again lyle.
    David field

  2. Kenny says:

    I seem to remember somebody saying ‘I will never jump again!’

  3. Marjorie Calder says:

    Remember when you offered to personally sign copies of The Ultimate Navigation Manual….? I’m with Chris on this one!

  4. Steve says:

    You know something tells me this won’t be your last blog. I’ll wager 6 free range eggs on that ;-)

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