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Lyle,  I saw you mention you were getting calls about general publicity, TV etc - please let us know whats due when, &  if you are doing any "roadshows" etc.  I've seen the "product of the month" in Novembers Trail mag, so the word is out!

Lyle Brotherton:
Yes great idea John, would you prefer I post events etc., here or on my blog?

Hereís fine for me & others using the Forum, but donít be shy - You have worked so hard on it for so long, so stick it on your home page where everyone can see it easily! 

I'm sure you are going to get lots of rave reviews.  I admit Iíve not read all books on navigation, nor am I an expert on the subject (yet :D), but you cover more than the others I've read, in a readable & practical way.  So words like "definitive text" will no doubt be coming your way.

Lyle Brotherton:
Yes, I will speak with Steve (Ace web-designer) about having a page of diary events, news, updates etc. There is genuinely so much happening, anyway for the time being:

Most immediate is this weekend I am presenting at the UK ALSAR Conference 2011 in Newport Pagnell. 

The Association of Lowland Search and Rescue (ALSAR) is a terrific charitable organisation, with over around 1000 trained Search Technicians, all of whom are volunteers, similar to UK Mountain Rescue responders. They provide lifesaving search and rescue operations to assist the emergency services in the search for missing persons and ALSAR's role is to coordinate arrangements for Search & Rescue services in the Lowland areas of the United Kingdom.

The following weekend I am at the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival and will post details of this on the link that Steve creates.

Lyle Brotherton:
Tomorrow (Wed 19102011) I will be with a couple of fellow MRT team members, plus Alpha & Bravo, the new team Land-Rovers, for a photo-shoot and some off-road driving for a magazine.

Looking forward to it as we have had monsoon weather!


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