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Hi all - here in Belgium, I believe that only very few people go out to pick mushrooms "in the wild". That is a real big contrast with France -- especially in departments like Gard, Lozère, and several others in Languedoc-Rousillon. There, many people are "crazed" about picking mushrooms. The pharmacy in France is thé place where they know which mushroom is edible, which is poisoned, etc. Just pop in at the pharmacy with your basket full of freshly picked mushrooms, and they will help you eliminate the "dangerous" ones. Sounds bizar, doesn't it? Yet it is "everyday life" in that part of France...

That is really great info.


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I don't really hold food in a high regard in a survival situation. Survival is about saving energy and not waste it by looking for something that could potentially upset your stomach and give you diarrhea or vomiting which will dehydrate and weaken you further.

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Thanks, Adi.  Though I'm a guppy about such things, it has fallen to me to teach survival techniques to our group (there was nobody else to do so) and my instincts told me to teach just this. 

It's one thing to teach techniques, quite another to teach an approach.

Lost Soul:
Just a thought prompted by the don't waste energy etc looking for food.  I think we all know that we can go for periods of time with out food, but not water.  What is the advice on that subject?  Do we look for water?

Yeah water is the mainstay of life. So look for water.

Water can be surprisingly difficult to find but one of the most reliable sources of water is dew. Every walker curses it when in the morning you walk through grass and your boot, socks and trouser get soaked. Please don't hate it so it may save your life oneday. Tie a t shirt or something around each leg and walk around in the grass collecting all this precious dew, ring out the t shirt into some sort of container then filter any seeds and insects you might have collected. If the grass is free of livestock or dog walkers don't use it then it should be free to drink with no further treatment.

There are a number of survival cases over the last ten years where people have used this method to survive for some quite considerable amounts of time.   


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