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Hi all, I'm a newbie so hello to everyone.

Don't know how but my Silva compasses has reversed poles. I think Silva will fix it if I send it back. Has anyone done this? What does it cost? I assume its not something I can do myself without special equipment (magnet)?

It's a bit of a coincidence that the Silva went wrong on the day I ordered a Recta!


Lyle Brotherton:
Welcome aboard Victorj  :)

The compass needle needs 'stroking' with a permanent magnet,  many outdoor stores will do this for you,  my local Tiso will do it for free.

More importantly you need to try and work out how it occurred so you don't repeat it.  The time it happened to a compass of mine was when it was in the door pocket of my vehicle next to the speaker.

Thanks Lyle, I'll try my local outdoor stores. I not sure how it happened as I'm fairly careful about where I keep my compass. Obviously I carry the usual stuff like phone, Sat Nav, spare batteries, car keys etc and try to keep these separate from the compass. Anyway could contact with any of these cause the problem as opposed to just temporary interference with the magnetic needle?

Mobile phone speakers can for sure Victor.

Thanks Callum.

Have tried Cotswolds but they couldnt help. Will try one or two more and or ring Silva. Anybody know which outdoor stores will correct polarity?


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