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A lesson about redundancy


I have often snickered a bit when I've read about having gazillions of different fire starting devices with them. After Yesterday I understand more about the need for more than one extra method.

I usually carry a fire steel strapped to my neck knife and I have a watertight box of storm proof matches in my pack.

Yesterday I took the boys out to enjoy the snow and some bannock,
burgers, bacon and chorizo prepared over open fire. When it was time to light the fire I pulled out the fire steel and I ended up with just the handle because the steel had corroded and snapped at the base.

Luckily enough I didn't lose the steel. But if I had then I had been without fire making capability. I noticed when opening my fire making bag to get tinder that the striker was missing from the bottom of the matchbox.

Lesson learned. An extra striker will be included in my fire bag from now on. I'm not quite ready to add a lighter to it yet.

Great day with great weather (sun and -5 degs). Hopefully next weekend will bring the same weather, but a little more snow and thicker ice so the skis and skates can be used. (The ice did not hold my weight yesterday)

Lost Soul:
Also your experience reinforce the need for all of us to do a full kit check before we set out.  Is it there? is it serviceable? does it work?  In respect of the latter battery operated gadgets - do they work.

This reminds me of when I was going for a walk with my wife.

I remembered (with prompting from Mrs Hobbo) that I had forgotten to pack a tea bag. So I purchased accordingly and went for the walk.  Had a break for lunch, got the stove out, set it up....damn, no way of lighting it.

Ah well. Senior moment, before my time :-S


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