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Anyone use/make a BRIS sextant?


Angle of Repose:
While I sold my boat many moons ago (thank God, talk about an expensive hobby), I still like to mess around with celestial navigation shoreside.

I recently came across this:
and was intrigued. Looks relatively simple to make, and being a UL backpacker the portability appeals to me.

I scoured the web and collected all the info I could find about, if anyone is interested in all of it, PM me and I can email it to you.


captain paranoia:
I've [edit] never had to use a sextant, but I do like cunning ideas, and that one certainly looks cunning.

He seems like a very resourceful guy. I heard an interview with him on Swedish radio last year and the sextant sounded like the perfect backup instrument as it is very durable.

Lyle Brotherton:
Yes this is cunning, going to try it for myself Angle of Repose.

Sailing: many years ago agreed to crew for a mate who had a yacht and was sailing out to the oil rigs north of the Shetlands, I spent two weeks soaked to the skin, never saw the sun and ate rations last served in the Crimean War, best part was when we returned back to Terra-firma and we were ensconced in a pub, he started to whinge about the expense of sailing, the crew had no sympathy and we all crashed at a local B&B leaving him to the sound of lanyards flapping in the wind and a damp sleeping bag!


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