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Getting the most out of my eTrex H


G'day all,

New to the forum and just posted in the intro section. Getting into kit, I have a couple of questions about refining my use of the eTrex H. Thus far I've only used it as an emergency back up. I usually just waypoint my starting point, plot this on my map, and then put it away. If the s**t hits the fan, I can get it out and find my way back (hopefully).

Resolved the issue I had here!

I'm an Apple Macintosh user. Have been since the get-go. Has anyone ironed out what's needed to connect the eTrex H to a Mac running OS 10.9.1? I have the Garmin cable but it ends in a female 9 pole D-Sub. Need to "convert" to USB.

Found a cable on eBay, seller named KawaMall. Anybody using it?



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