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New Nav Gear…The kind that smell like wax


Angle of Repose:
I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Biz card was inserted to cover up the home address (PERSEC and all)

Needless to say, it was well worth the wait. Pencils are getting chopped and dummy corded. Slope card & timing card will be added to my stack of nav cards. While I did have access to the info in the book, I really like the quality of the cards themselves.

I posted the above images on my FB page with links to the forum and store. Trying to get more people interested in the lost art of navigation. ;)


Simple but good - not only a great attribute to seek in gear, but an apt descriptor of LB!  ;D

Had quite a bit from the store - remain uncertain by the trade name - but all of the kit first rate and the service absolutely spot on.


Lyle Brotherton:
Thank you for your kind words Angle of Repose, Scott Amos (Orienteer, MRT member and brilliant navigator) and I spend ages sourcing our products and we personally use every one of them, which we recommend/sell, in mountain rescue and when navigating for pleasure. Your cheque is in the post;)


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