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New makeshift water filter idea

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I guess most of you have read about making your own filter using sphagnum moss, peat, charcoal and sand. Those of you who have tried making one also know how difficult it can be to make it work properly and it still makes the water taste like a swamp.

Today I read about a filter made of a branch, a plastic tube, a clamp and some epoxy.

By letting the water flow the normal way though the branch 99% of E.coli and other bacteria are filtered out. Sounds like a brilliant idea.

Thank you for the link.

Interesting read. You need to be careful over species choice and I'd be dubious regards viral filtering capability - but interesting none the less.

MoonMan: The proper article: use Pine, & Bacteria is what it stops. See the green dots in image. US has either very dirty water or poor camp hygiene. :o

A former instructor of mine in the army used to tell us that sphagnum moss had antiseptic properties and was good for wounds. Does anyone know if there is any merit in this?

That is what we were tought too during survival training in the Swedish army.


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