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A hike in The Gaume


With a week of Easter holidays coming up, and with such a promising weather forecast, Ines (my other half) and I decided to do a four day hike. Having done many walks in the Ardennes, and only few in the Gaume, we wanted to do a few legs of the TransGaumaise. We did not want to carry a tent with us, so rather than following the "official" legs of this long distance walk, we designed our own legs -- targeting around 20 km per day and looking at places where there are accomodations to stay overnight (and to reprovision). The unavailability of a sleeping place in one area forced us to make a minor change to our intended route. On Saturday (April 12) we were off, by train to Florenville...

Overview (attention, Wikiloc shows the trip details of leg 1 only):
Leg 2 on Wikiloc:
Leg 3 on Wikiloc:
Leg 4 on Wikiloc:

And the photo album on Google:


Pete McK:
I really like the essential kit photo Boogyman of Orval ;) Looks like a really good trip and beautiful area. This weekend the weather is stunning here in the Lake District and there are thousands of visitors, however we know the quiet spots and are going to venture off to one now, with our suncream packed:)

Hi Pete,

It is indeed a beautiful area - rolling hills, vast woods (the vastness of the woods surprised us). On top of that, they have a good micro-climate in the Gaume: less rain and higher average temperatures compared to the Ardennes.

And of course we are always testing the possible additions to the essential kit...  ;)


Lyle Brotherton:
It looks terrific Boogyman - now when are you coming to Scotland to see some real beauty;) PM me and let's catch up:)


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