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Sandy Sanderson:
I'm Phil, been walking for about the past 20 years in the hills, but it has declined in the past 5 due to family commitments. Just become a Explorer Scout Leader and im looking at becoming the lead DofE leader for the group.

After reading some of the posts, so much has seemed to have changed with regards to the kit people are now using.

I am now looking forward to getting back out there and relearning all the skills to past them on to the younger generation.

So hello and thank you for letting me join.

P.S if anyone can suggest some good books that i can download and read on my kindle while im away at sea with work it would be much appreciated.

Lost Soul:
Hi Sandy, welcome to a great forum.

Welcome to the forum.

And dont feel too left behind by gadgets - I still think kindle has something to do with making fire!  8)

Pete McK:
Hello Sandy and welcome. You couldn't go far wrong by buying a copy of Lyle's UNM, although I know the author has never been happy with the kindle version ;) I own it, as well as the paperback, to use when out learning new navigational techniques.

Hi Sandy, a good age range, accompanied by a good range of outdoor experience, on this forum, you should find everything you need here on this forum for your planned trips.

DofE is a terrific thing to be involved in and you will find that everybody encourages and helps you out when you first start up.



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