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Hi All,

I'm new to the site but with a keen interest in navigation and being outdoors that ha stayed with me throughout my life.

Professionally, my career as a navigator started at sea, training as a Navigation Officer and thereafter a hydrographic surveyor. After a few years at sea and university I decided to put my skills to good use (not..) and become a Police Officer. Twenty five years later I still maintain a passion for being outdoors and the essential art of navigation as a keen hillwalkier, cyclist and ski tourer. Originally from West Wales, now resident in the North West UK I try and take any opportunity to get outside, currently trying to impart the basics of map and compass work to my ten year old children who, at the moment, couldn't be less interested!

I'm looking forward to learning new skills and updating old ones.

Lost Soul:
Welcome to a very friendly and informative forum.

Lyle Brotherton:
Welcome Brynglass :) Strange how frequently what we set out to do in life is not what we end up actually doing, I guess itís what makes life so colourful ;) I have no doubts whatsoever that your navigational learning, albeit seemingly locked away in inaccessible areas of your brain, will come back to you easily when on the hill.

Jenny Changleng, another member on this forum, instructs kids in navigation and she is the best I have seen do this (I know her thru TVMRT) you might want to ask her for a few tips and I am sure other members will chip in too.

Hi Brynglas, here's a late but warm welcome to the forum, from Belgium.


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