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Last year (2013) a hiking colleague and I had prepared a simple walk, and we sent an open invitation to all our colleagues to do this walk together -- as some kind of social/team event. We were surprised about the number of colleagues that actually joined us, and several of them suggested to repeat the initiative in 2014. And, even more surprisingly, many said they were in for a "more sportive" walk.

So this summer (2014) we prepared a one-day hike in the Ardennes. It is a rather adventurous hike, one I would recommend to anyone who likes hiking and navigating. It includes several more technical passages: a bit of scrambling, crossing a river, longer stretches where you must navigate, away from the paths.

Since we wanted to do this hike during the summer months, and with several colleagues on holidays, we set two dates rather than just one. In our open invitation to all colleagues, we made sure to mention all the attention points, because we wanted to avoid that people would get "stuck" in the middle of nowhere. As a result we were 9 for the first session and 6 for the second.

We enjoyed these two saturdays, and from the feedback we got I am sure the colleagues enjoyed it as well. Here-below links to the albums of the two sessions:

September 13:

September 27:

Look like enjoyable outings with variety, Boogyman.

Looks a very impressive route and the pictures are excellent - not sure I'd fancy the river crossing near the end of 13 Sept pictures!


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