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Flanders is drowning


Over the last few weeks we've had a lot of precipitation, so one expects a lot of water out there. But this much? These pictures are taken not so far from where I live, while hiking last Saturday. Admitted, the area is called "riverland", but still...

Looks familar. My area has been suffering badly with flooding in the last few years and in some areas it still has not recovered. Because I live in the lowlands, the rights of way trails we can go on also become unpleasant at this time of year too, because everybody is funneled onto the same routes - horses, bikers, hikers. It creates a stamp, slice and stomp effect that turns trails into muddy porridge and particulary across farmland around gates where cattle have been, it can be like traversing a swamp ;D

In particular, the terrain on this photo from your gallery.


--- Quote from: Locus on January 20, 2015, 10:40:39 PM ---In particular, the terrain on this photo from your gallery.

--- End quote ---
There are indeed whole stretches of paths which look like that, after all the rain and snow we had.

But, and there's a good chance you had not noticed that, this here is also "the path". There's more than 20 cm water on it, over a length of more than hundred meters...


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