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Apologies if this is covered somewhere but I am new to the forum - excuses out of the way.
I would welcome recommendations as to suitable sources of contour only maps of the UK.  Ideally, downloadable, printable to hardcopy and maybe even free!
If available I would initially practice navigating using a contour only map in the south Oxfordshire area.


I don't think you can get them from OS but Harvey Maps ( do produce contour only maps as part of their custom mapping service - unfortunately no idea of the cost. Harvey don't produce maps for the whole of the UK and I would have thought, but I'm by no means certain, that they only provide contour only maps for the areas that  they produce full maps for.

At the back of my mind is the possibility that I read on a forum somewhere, or equally I could have dreamed it, that someone had scanned a section of an OS map and then used their Photoshop skills to remove all colours but brown so producing some sort of a contour only map but, if it were indeed possible, I would have thought it must be far from perfect as the contours would have a gap in them where e.g. a stream crossed.

I also believe the Talkytoaster company ( that produce maps for Garmin GPSs somehow add OS contour information to an existing open source map so maybe they can produce some sort of contour only map.

Hope this helps.

Thank you.  I will have a look at the Harvey Maps first.

Probably stating the obvious I know, but I should perhaps also have mentioned that Harvey use a different contour interval to OS.

captain paranoia:
Well, it is possible to make them yourself, using SRTM data and LandSerf.

LandSerf is a a free geomorphology analysis tool, and will import the SRTM .hgt files, reproject them to OSGB, and can be made to extract contours at a given interval.  I've played with this a bit, and the match to an OS map's contours was pretty good.

Here are some examples of relief shading and contours in the Brecons.  No there aren't; they're too big...  That's a shame. 



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