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Transferring waypoints from PC to GPS


I need to create a number of waypoints (in UTM format) from a paper map and then transfer them to a Garmin Etrex10. Creating each waypoint manually on the Etrex would be very time-consuming. So can I create the waypoints in, say, Excel (or some other preferably free software) and then export them from my PC to the Etrex?


One method would be to use a service like or to convert your list of coordinates to a KML file, then open Garmin Basecamp and import the KML file with File -> Import.

Then you use the transfer function in Basecamp to get the waypoints into your GPS.

captain paranoia:
I would normally recommend GPSBabel, but the website seems unavailable at the moment.

You can still download it from SourceForge, though:
This is another useful utility:

@captain, great tip! *downloading immediately*


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