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Hugh Westacott:
Sorry, chaps! In my cackhanded way I've accidentally deleted this topic. Can anyone restore it, please? This is the message I was trying to post:

Thanks, LS!

I have to admit that I have struggled with this chapter because it is one of the aspects of walking about which I know very little.

Also, it is the one subject that is dynamic and constantly developing and thus does not readily lend itself to book format. So all I can do is to discuss the subject in general terms. Iím glad that Ian pointed out that I was being too prescriptive and Iím pleased that it now seems about right.

Iíve contacted CP but I guess heís on holiday in some exotic location.

Best wishes


I suspect it can't be restored Hugh. I have administrator privileges and I can't see an option to restore a deleted message. That said I didint really get a lot of training so maybe I'm missing something. CP is the only other active administrator so we'll have to wait and see if he has any ideas.

Glad you've got to the bottom of GLONASS though.

Best wishes


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