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GPS64st max waypoints in a route


how many waypoints are allowed in a gps64 route?
how many different routs are aloowed?

i was nearly caught out lest week.

i downloded a route of 99 waypoints to my old garmin etrex, the old yellow one with a serial port.

all seem to download ok but a saw on the etrex amessage, it said the route was truncated.

sure enough only 50 waypoints.

so a quick look in the manual and that was all  that is allowed in a route, as it can handle 500 waypoints i had assumed i could have 500 in a route. not the case.

so how many waypoints are allowed in a gps64 route?

i can't find this info from the user manual

the garmin website says under "routes:"  200

so does this mean i can store upto 200 routes in the device?

or does it mean 200 waypoints per route?

can it only store one route of upto 200 waypoints?

what does it really mean?

it is a bit unclear (to me at least) or i am reading it wong or have missed something?



Ah, this brings memories of trying to find my way round my GPSMap 62s - the user documentation from Garmin in my opinion really isn't very good and the solution for what to do on a rainy day was to trawl the internet to find the answer to my questions about it. That said Garmin customer support did always get back to me so you might want to try them. I sold my Garmin and bought a SatMap - it works well and the user manual supplied is encyclopaedic.

Anyway, to get back to your question, as far as I can see the answer on the Garmin web site ( is that the GPSMap 64 can hold 5000 waypoints, 200 routes and each route can contain 250 points. At one point Garmin made the differentiation between waypoints (i.e. a specific point on your route e.g. 633 Trig point) and shaping points (i.e. a point you put in whilst route planning to make sure that your route sticks to a footpath or something like that) but I don't know whether that's still the case.

That's all I can offer I'm afraid.  Try google to find a support forum, an active user of the device will know the answer for sure.

Thanks for the link.

Just what i was looking for.


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