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Hi, just found this forum, is it still active? It seems to have been a long while/ time since the last post!

Lyle Brotherton:
Hi Archie, and welcome  :)

Yes ,the forum has been inactive whilst other projects have been on the go, plus the site is being updated & renewed for the launch of something special to be announced January 2017

All members will be pinged then so you are now on the list  :)

Thanks Lyle.
 I'm only now, at the age of 68 trying to learn how to use my Garmin gpsmap 62 which I bought three years ago when I retired.

 I've recently attended a low level navigation course at Drymen and now have a very basic knowledge of compass and map skills. I have also purchased your book and I'm in the process of practicing my new gained skills.

 I've found the Garmin user guide for the gps reciever to be useless and I think that only practice will help me achieve a better understanding in how to use it. I've also found your book to be most helpful and will practice your techniques during my walks.

Thanks again,


Welcome Archie2. Yes, it has been it a bit slow on occassions but we do seem to respond well to questions. You are right about the Garmin instruction manual - I had a GPSMap 62 and remember the 'happy' rainy days scouring the web for more information on how to use it. You've probably already found them but there are several forums out there that include information on the GPSMaps - just google garmin 62 forum. I very much liked the 62 I had but I'm afraid I ditched it for a SatMap - not as customisable or easy to hold as the Garmin and the compass isn't as good but the maps were updated far more regularly.

Barry G:
Archie, stay with this forum, it can take you from 0 to 60 as quick as you desire, I can attest to that. Simply ask a question or post a need and members will jump right to your aid. Welcome from Albany, New York.


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